From the Pastor

Pastor Bob Albing

Epiphany continues! The church season of Epiphany comes between Christmas and Lent. The gospel readings for the Sundays of January and February are about Jesus making himself known first to his disciples then to the crowds and then to all the people. My questions for you are: How has Jesus made himself known to you? Have you had an epiphany recently? Have you had a conversion experience recently?

You see, I don’t think we just have one in our lives, I think we can have multiple conversion experiences as we grow deeper in our knowledge of divine grace. How have you experienced grace? What have you learned about the Divine? All these questions are getting at the same thing, namely our relationship with God. So, I would like to hear from you.

During this Epiphany season, share with me, and/or with the congregation, your most recent or your most profound epiphany, revelation, conversion experience, whatever you want to call it. And it does not have to be cataclysmic, or earth shattering, it can be a very every-day realization that comes to you in the shower. But I want to know: How has the risen Christ affected you and your life?

Send me an email, write a newsletter article, give a talk during a worship service, speak at the Sunday morning Adult Ed class, send me a letter, or just talk to me. Let me enjoy hearing about how God has been at work among God’s faithful people. If our mission is Connecting People to God, then it is good to know how we, ourselves are connected in the first place. I hope to hear from you.

God’s Shalom be with you,

Pr . Bob Albing

The church season of Epiphany begins January 6. It is always January 6, which is 12 days after Christmas. We remember the Wise Men coming to honor the toddler Jesus. We remember Mary and Joseph fleeing with the child to safety in Egypt. We read about Jesus making himself known to his disciples. In our society, in our North American middle-class culture, we put Christmas away, and look for the credit card bills to arrive.

We hunker down in these northern latitudes to endure the cold and dark. And during the church season of Epiphany, we proclaim the Light of the World, even as the darkness of this world seems unending. As followers of the Risen Christ, we say that resurrection is the final act, not death. We say things that seem counter-intuitive (the last will be first) and counter-cultural (the more you give away the more you have), things that many have not thought of before. But isn’t that what an Epiphany is? “I never thought of it that way before!” we say when we have an epiphany. Or we say nothing because we are left speechless. I pray that you have an epiphany in this season of Epiphany.

Unfortunately, you can’t plan to have an epiphany; you can’t schedule it. They just happen. But you can put yourself in a place, or among people who receive them and give thanks for them. Places of education, places of natural and man-made beauty are among the places you might have an epiphany. The best place I know is among the disciples of Jesus. Hang out with them and be open to what God is doing through them (and you) and an epiphany just might show up.

God’s Shalom be with you,

Pr . Bob Albing