December 2019

First some “Thank Yous”:

  • Thanks to all the women and men who worked hard for months and those who put in a few hours to make our annual bazaar another success. This congregation is full of very creative people!!

  • To Dan Harris and Mike Cheeley, for their work on a very successful Stewardship focus.

  • Thanks to Susan Almeida and the property committee and their work to get Schmidt Hall painted.

  • For Kristine Wold, Jody Harris and Susan Almeida and their work with the School District and LAM to get the Portable (annex building) purchased.

  • Thanks to the Outreach Committee for the Advent Calendar of Giving project that will bring in much needed food for our local food pantry.

  • To Beckie Jenicek and her work with the youth every week, and especially the new young families coming on Sundays.

Advent is the season of expectation in our church calendar. The liturgical color is blue, representing hope. It is the season before Christmas. It is the season we read Bible verses about God’s promises to come to God’s people, and verses about the end of time when God will bring all of creation to fulfillment and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. It is a short 4-week season in which we hold the tension of waiting for what is to come and remembering what has happened long ago. I think hope is about trusting that no matter what the future holds, God holds the future. We are cared for by God and God has our best interest in mind (sometimes, despite how the present circumstances look). I pray that this Advent brings you hope and joy in trusting God in Christ to work in your life as you wade through the busy-ness and celebrations of the season. I pray that you be surprised by grace when you least expect it and that it causes your heart to praise Emmanuel, God with us.

God’s Peace to you,

Pr. Bob Albing

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