December 2021

Mark 1:1 The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Two of the four gospels in the New Testament don’t mention the birth of Jesus. It is only Matthew and Luke that tell us about his birth and ancestry. The gospels of John and Mark are more concerned with what Jesus did and taught than who he was related to and where he was born.

Did you hear stories when you were growing up about the day you were born or about when you were little? Children love to hear stories from the adults in their lives about when they were younger. Psychologists call these “origin stories” and they can provide a good sense of self-esteem for children; they can provide a sense of identity that is especially valuable when faced with major life transitions or traumas later in life.

I think that the Advent and Christmas seasons are especially important this year, as we go through these strange and difficult times. We are reminded and we get to celebrate, the “reason for the season” and how it all started, our Christian “origin stories”. They will remind us of who we are and what id important. They will inspire us to be like the angels and the shepherds who shared good news, though in very different ways.

God bless you as you prepare your homes for celebration and as you prepare your hearts to be a pleasant place of refuge for Jesus. A Joyous Advent and a Happy New Year!

God’s peace,

Pr. Bob Albing

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