February 2021

Do remember Lent last year?

Lent 2020 was when the pandemic hit. I remember putting stuff away after a mid-week Lenten service in March and hearing Jeff say, “Well, that may be the last time we meet together for a while.” I was incredulous. But as it turned out. We did not gather again until June.

This year, Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on Feb 17. We will have Drive-thru Imposition of Ashes. I will be out in the parking lot ready to put ashes on your forehead. (check the web site and our Facebook page for details). Plus, you will receive a Lenten gift from Larry Almeida – a CD with 2 songs and 2 readings.

Then during the Wednesdays in Lent, there will be noon and six pm worship service focusing on stories from the Gospel of John and your own stories. They will be 30 minutes long. At 7 on our Facebook page, we will post a discussion between Pr. Matt, Pr. Dan and me about Adam and Eve from Genesis 2-5, called, “Getting to Know the First Family”. Get it?

During 2020 I read and heard a lot about how to “pivot” and how to be “nimble” and be “adaptive”. These buzz words are basically about change, and not getting stuck in a rut. With all the disruptions of last year, we have all had to be flexible. Will Lent go as planned? I hope so. But only God knows for certain.

Do you have plans for 2021? I don’t think it hurts to plan or to dream, as long as we don’t grasp too tightly to our plans and dreams. Trips, seeing friends and relatives, travel, and gatherings, can be fun to look forward to. They might happen, they might not. If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us to be light on our feet and be willing to change plans. And the other thing we learned from 2020 is to look for silver linings. There often is a blessing hidden inside the pain, the disruption, the difficulty, the sudden change, the grief. God has not given up on trying to bless you just because He must work harder to help you see it. God is not a quitter; God is never frustrated. God knows how to pivot and how to be nimble. So, who knows what blessing is just around the corner?

God’s peace to you as you wait, as you plan, as you act, as you look for the next way that the Holy Spirit will bring blessings to you, to us.

Pr. Bob

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