July 2019

Summertime Update by Pastor George Lacy

I’m enjoying summer.

How about you?

It is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I’ll bet you enjoy dressing lighter and having more daylight during the evenings. It’s just a fun time of the year.

We are enjoying our visiting pastors and their many insights. You have been responding with enthusiasm Sunday mornings with very good attendance.

With a Visitation Team, we have been making calls on homebound and assisted living members. Thank you, Karl & Effie Schmidt, Mary Wollenburg, Diana Wold, and Tom Homan for being my partners in this outreach.

I wish you could all see our 35 VBS children as they learn music with a bounce. They are a joy!

While writing for this newsletter, I found two lists which can deepen our spiritual journey and challenge us as we take time to meditate on them.

Scriptural Expectations of

Church Members

• Confess faith in Jesus Christ

• Be baptized

• Proclaim the word, tell and show others the Good News

• Love God and give Him praise

• Worship faithfully and receive communion

• Build the fellowship of the Church

• Pray, study, and be guided by scripture

• Serve and love neighbors, both in church and community

• Show generosity and support

• Be a welcoming community

Our Church Helps Us Grow…

• in faith in Jesus Christ

• in Christ-like living

• loving one another

• being a person of prayer

• worshiping regularly

• guided by scripture

• in forgiveness

• serving our neighbors and community

• sharing faith

• challenging evil and destructive choices

• caring for creation

• in generosity and faithfulness

• doing God’s will of justice and peace

• being a welcoming community

Wishing you a summer of blessings and growth.

~George Lacy

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