March 2021

Is March a long month for you? It is for me. It has 31 days of course, but March also always seems to include many dark and dreary days as we transition from winter into spring. If it snows, the snow is usually wet and heavy. If the sun shines, it usually is not for long. I hope March this year is different.

Many things over the last several months sort of dragged on and on. Maybe it was just because we were all so isolated and had nothing else to focus on, but a lot of what was on the news seemed repetitive. We seemed to be talking about the same things, day after day. I hope March this year is different.

So, are things finally going to change? Will the vaccines come in time to save our loved ones? Will enough people get vaccinated so that we can start to meet again, in buildings? We wonder and we wait. If this pandemic has not given you a lot of practice at patience, then you have not been paying attention!

We have learned patience, but we have also learned to adapt, to pivot, to make changes when needed. We have learned to be flexible and be willing to change plans when circumstances dictate. Those of us who are “control freaks” and those who are not have all had lessons in letting go. Sort of like 12 months of Lent.

So what?

Well, for one thing, I think that makes us more useful to God.

When our preferences are our top priority, when we think that our to-do list should be God’s as well, then we make the Holy Spirit’s job harder. When we are flexible and can adapt to changing circumstances, then God can put people in our path who need us and can put people in our path whom we need.

Maybe it has been your experience that God works on schedule in very predictable ways at predictable times. But for me, it seems that the Trinity works on their own schedule and I am continually surprised, even startled by grace and joy.

{The book of Philemon is a very short Biblical epistle about the chance to adapt to a new circumstance.}

My prayer for you and me is that the Holy Spirit will use us in new ways now that we have been kneaded and worked by the changes of the last several months. My prayer is that we will be useful for the Kingdom because of, not just despite, the many changes we have lived through. Maybe this March…

Pr. Bob

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