October 2022: What's Happening on Campus

There is an amazing thing that happens in our buildings three nights a week. Have you heard of CDA ACT? It used to be called Out of the Shadows Theater. {CDA ACT stands for Celebrating Different Abilities through Art and Community Theater} They put on plays, but all the actors have some sort of disability. These differently abled actors are able to perform with the help of their “shadows” who stand with them on stage and make sure they are in the right place at the right time and say their lines on que. But often times, the actors don’t need any help from their shadows, they just need a chance to perform and a chance to rehearse

That’s where you and I come in. We provide space for them by allowing them to use the gym in the Gathering Place and the sanctuary. Jeff Barnes our organist helps them rehearse the music. It is, literally, quite a production. It takes a lot of helpers and lots of time to bring it altogether into a performance. This year they will perform the stage version of Frozen, at the Kroc. It is amazing to watch all these differently abled people some even in wheelchairs, sing and say their lines. The play is taking shape.

Sometimes as a council and as individual members we wonder, “What should we be doing as a church?” or “What ministry does God want us to start?” or “How do we get more people to come to our church?” These are all good questions, but maybe another way to ask is: What is God already doing in our neighborhood or even right here on our campus? How can we join in? Maybe we do less planning and more praying, less talking and more listening. Maybe God is already using Lutheran Church of the Master and our buildings to do wonderful things for an underserved community of people. Maybe we just need to keep letting them utilize the space and Jeff. Maybe we need to hang out with them and listen to what they need.

I have only been to one rehearsal of CDA ACT this season, but it was a moving experience. They practice every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening. If you come and watch, and hang out with parents and caregivers, remember to listen more than talk. They have a LOT to say.

God’s peace,

Pastor Bob Albing

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