September 2020

This month I am looking forward to something different for our worship time. We will be using the readings and liturgy from the Season of Creation. Instead of the Lectionary, we will have Bible readings focused on aspects of the creation, one Sunday dedicated to each: Forest, Land, Wilderness, River. We are NOT worshiping the creation. We continue to worship the Creator. We are simply focusing on aspects of the creation that we enjoy and that bring glory to God. The first article of our creed speaks of the creator aspect of God. And we often neglect that aspect and focus all our attention on the redeeming aspect of God, in Jesus the Christ (2nd article or the creed). Of course, we talk about the Holy Spirit (the 3rd article of the creed) on Pentecost Sunday, but seldom more than that.

At LCM we will continue to bring you services online, that you can access through our Facebook page and our website. Remember you don’t have to have a Facebook account to access the Sunday worship service at 10:00. And we are always interested in feedback. What was your online experience like? And be sure to let Lydia know how glad you are that she is able to figure out all this tech stuff.

We will also continue in person worship at 10:00 on Sundays, observing all the protocols to keep everyone as safe as we can. Masks are required! And we are physically distancing. I did not realize how badly I needed to be worshipping with others until I could not. But please use your best judgment and remember “stay home” should be your default setting until there is a safe and effective vaccine.

I am looking forward to doing in person confirmation instruction, twice a month, this fall in Schmidt Hall, with the 6 students and I spread out over the whole room. It will be strange to be so far apart, but necessary. We have high school students willing to teach the 3-4-5th graders at the same time, in another space, using the curriculum that I developed over the years of teaching Bible Ed. to LAM students.

Bible Studies will either begin again or continue this month. All this is by way of asking for your prayers as we venture into territory unknown. What will happen next to our church, to our community, to our nation, God only knows. We were never promised certainty. When Peter was invited to step out of the boat and onto the water, his only mistake was taking his eyes off of Jesus and looking at the storm. So, you and I had better pay attention to matters of the soul and keep our eyes on the Jesus and not on the chaos around us.

God’s peace,

Pr. Bob Albing

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