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Quilters meet every Monday, starting in September

Quilts ready to send to people in need

Lutheran World relief distributed its first quilts in 1945 to families in war-torn Europe following the Second World War. Within a decade, the ministry was reaching around the globe to villages far removed from the world’s attention. Today, an average of 300,000 quilts are lovingly given worldwide each year.

The Quilting Group of LCM creates a tangible, lasting bond between the people who lovingly assemble them, and our neighbors around the world, who receive quilts in their greatest times of need.

We give thanks to all those who helped make quilts this year: Diana Wold, Diana Hodson, Louise Dressen, Pam Minor, Evonne Panther, Patty Black, Cynthia Cheeley, Donna Speten, Shirley Wastweet and Janie Dressen.
Together they produced 96 quilts this year, which will be

distributed to:

Lutheran World Relief
Hospice of North Idaho
Children’s Village
Safety Net
Graduating seniors

Many thanks to the congregation for donating fabric and sheets!
Thanks to The LCM Women Group for donated money for shipping and batting.


If you’d like to learn more and become a part of this ministry of love, they meet every Monday at 9:30am.

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