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Groundbreaking June 4, 1978

In the Spring of 1977, the Lutheran Church in America (LCA) called Karl Schmidt to be a new mission pastor in Coeur d’Alene (CDA). Pastor Karl began knocking on doors to plant a new church. The first Sunday congregational assembly was held at (then) CDA Homes on October 2, 1977. The church was named Lutheran Church of the Master (LCM). As the number of members grew, plans were formed to build on a five acre parcel of land in Northwest CDA that had been purchased earlier by the LCA.

The first building completed was the simple shell, now designated as Schmidt Hall. Besides the hall, the space was divided into three rooms and two restrooms. Each Sunday, when the service ended, the whole congregation stacked the chairs and began the fellowship coffee hour. The first services were held in September 1978 and LCM became an official LCA congregation on December 10, 1978. Many founding members continue to worship at LCM today.

As the years rolled on, from 1977 toward 1986, the facilities on Ramsey Road served LCM well, although growth pushed toward efforts to resolve space restraints. A new worship area was proposed in 1986 and the sanctuary was completed the next year. Again, LCM settled in and continued sharing Ministry and Mission in the CDA community.

In 1997, after considerable study and planning, LCM ventured onto their third building project. As part of a master plan for the site, four classrooms and two restrooms were constructed north of the existing building. After a fundraising plan was implemented, LCM began planning out details for our fourth project, “A Place for Grace.” Construction begin in 2002, with completion and dedication on Easter Sunday 2003.

God has blessed us greatly with growth in numbers and giving, countless opportunities to minister to our community and around the world, and a vision for the future.

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