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Volunteer Opportunities

At LCM there are many ways to give back to the community.


Our Daily Bread (ODB)

ODB meal prep

Our Daily Bread was started 15 years ago to serve guests who had food insecurity.  We serve every Sunday during the year with 12 teams preparing home cooked meals.  Some our guests are without a home and some have food insecurity.   

The twelve (12) teams serving the meals each Sunday come from a variety of organizations.  There are 8 teams from churches, and 4 teams from the community; a book group, a community team from the Silver Valley, a Fiber Arts group, and a group interested in serving people in need.  

It is our hope we can offer a warm meal and acceptance, offering love and hospitality that comes from God.  

All are welcome at the table on Sunday.


2024 Serving Schedule

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Ecumenical Kitchen

Ecumenical kitchen was started by the 1st Presbyterian Church in downtown CDA, years and years ago. They have recruited many local churches to sign up to provide meals to low income and homeless people every Thursday. LCM serves lunch on a rotating bases 6 times a year. Meals are served at the 1st Presbyterian Church.

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Family Promise


Family Promise is an organization that helps unhoused families get back on their feet. By providing shelter, food and assistants.


LCM together with Trinity Lutheran helps prepare meals and host overnight stays. 


Lutheran World relief distributed its first quilts in 1945 to families in war-torn Europe following the Second World War. Within a decade, the ministry was reaching around the globe to villages far removed from the world’s attention. Today, an average of 300,000 quilts are lovingly given worldwide each year.

The Quilting Group of LCM creates a tangible, lasting bond between the people who lovingly assemble them, and our neighbors around the world, who receive quilts in their greatest times of need.

Together they produced 96 quilts this year.

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Quilters meet every Monday at 9:30am

Holy Rollers

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Holy Rollers is a bandage rolling ministry at LCM that runs May-August. 

We meet twice a month to roll bandages to ship overseas to field hospitals, war zones and disaster relief efforts around the world. Together we roll over 3000 every year. LCM partners with Global Health Ministries to ship medical supplies around the globe.

Community Garden

is open for the Season!

Goals for the LCM Community Garden:

  • Work together as a community of gardeners to offer a beautiful garden for the use of the gardeners, the LCM congregation, the neighborhood and the community.

  • Ensure that all of the garden plots are being utilized to grow healthy produce.

  • Grow and donate an increasing amount of produce to local food banks.

  • Have fun and enjoy God’s creation!

Garden beds are $20 this season to anyone that would like one. To reserve a garden bed email:

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